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Lead Exposure Linked to Alzheimer’s Disease


Lead exposure has been proven over the last few decades to be dangerous and can also have long term and irreversible side effects on developing children both mentally and physically. This is something that has been well known within the public, but now a new study has come to light that is shocking and now puts even more blame on the toxic metal. After many years of research, there is now a connection between lead exposure and Alzheimer’s Disease.


This one study, has founded a direct connection between childhood lead exposure and Alzheimer’s disease. In the study, scientists gave monkeys a lead-rich formula as infants. Years later, it was discovered that these monkeys developed tangles of a key brain protein (tau), which is directly linked to Alzheimer’s disease. After the monkey’s that consumed the lead-filled formula were analyzed, researchers found they had three times more irregular tau protein in their frontal cortex than a normal monkey. This research suggests that early lead exposure reprogrammed the monkey’s DNA. 


This is only one study showing the correlation, and there is no denying the relationship between lead exposure and dementia. Replicating this study, however, would be taxing as it took 23 years to reach these answers. Analyzing the relationship between human lead exposure and Alzheimer’s disease is also difficult, as the dementia effects could take up to a person is 70 years old to show.


As research continues lead paint, and progresses, it becomes very clear that lead exposure is a greater issue then anyone could’ve imagined. Protecting our children and preventing this exposure is crucial, and could be one way of protecting their health in the future. 


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